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Reflection: Sunset at Dingli Cliffs

(source: photo taken by author)

Few Sundays ago, my wife and I ventured to Dingli Cliffs to witness the mesmerizing sunset. The air carried a slight chill, and the tranquil atmosphere was filled with the sounds of birds, seeking shelter in the cozy embrace of trees or cliffside crevices as dawn approached. Despite the dryness, one can still breathe in the soothing fragrance of conehead thyme, thriving on the rocky slopes of the cliff.

Sunset – Dingli Cliffs (source: photo taken by author)

As the sun begins its descent, I find myself drawn to the beauty of the sunset, a daily spectacle that unfolds like a divine masterpiece. The sky becomes a canvas, awash with vibrant hues, a testament to the Creator’s artistry. In these moments, I can’t help but reflect on the spiritual significance that a sunset holds for me as a baptised person.

The Psalmist’s words, “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork” (Psalm 19, 1), resonate deeply as I gaze at the painted sky. The sunset becomes a living proclamation of God’s majesty, a reminder that His hand is evident in every detail of creation. It’s a time to marvel at the sheer beauty that surrounds us.

As the sun delicately touched the horizon, casting its reflection upon the sea, its intense radiance is veiled by a blanket of clouds, intensifying the chill in the air. This reminds me that even when I can’t sense God’s comforting warmth, He remains ever-present, watching over me.

(source: photo taken by author)

The changing colours of the sky mirror the seasons of life — the brightness of joy, the serenity of peace, and the shadows of challenges. In these colours, I find a metaphor for the varied experiences that shape my journey. Through it all, I hold on to the assurance that God is with me, guiding me through each season. Sometimes, especially during difficult times, I struggle to believe this, but this majestic view is a reminder that He is always there.

Expressing gratitude seems only natural as the sun bids its daily farewell. Gratitude for the day that has unfolded, for the blessings received, and for the simple yet profound privilege of witnessing the beauty of creation. In these moments, my heart opens in prayer, a sincere acknowledgment of God’s goodness and provision. Enhancing the ambiance, my wife contributes by playing Psalm 139 from our collection of Oratory MSSP psalm recordings, and we engage in joint prayer while immersed in the melody.

The fading light prompts me to ponder the brevity of life. Like the sunset, our days are numbered, and this reflection encourages me to live with purpose and intention. Grounded in my faith, I seek to make a positive impact, inspired by the divine love that colours the sky. For what is God calling me and until now I only said no or ignored?

In the hushed moments of twilight, I feel a connection with the Creator. The sunset becomes a sacred pause, inviting me to commune with the divine, fostering awe and wonder in the midst of the natural world’s beauty. It’s a personal and profound experience, a daily reminder of the grace that surrounds me and the enduring love that paints the sky – which many a times I take for granted!

Thank you, God, for the awe-inspiring beauty of creation, a testament to Your boundless wisdom and love. Amen.

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