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This blog roll is dedicated to hobbies and posts in general. I hope that some of these are inspirational and enjoyable to read. Feel free to share or leave comments below the ones that you like.

  • Ephesus’ Brothel Advert – is this one of the oldest?
    Could this be the oldest advert?  When one visits Ephesus, one cannot miss this marble engraving at the side of the Marble Street (see photos below – all the photos in this blog are taken from my visit in summer of 2018, unless stated otherwise).  It is not because it is majestic or eye catching,… Read more: Ephesus’ Brothel Advert – is this one of the oldest?
  • Imperial Monograms at Hagia Sophia
    In August 2018, during my visit to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, particular “logos” on some column capitals (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_(architecture)) caught my attention. I managed to get some not so blurred photos of a couple of them with the aim to go back home and look for their meaning or significance. Months passed, but could not… Read more: Imperial Monograms at Hagia Sophia
  • Clounce
    https://www.clounce.com/ Clounce is a sister website that has been running for a number of years. There you can find a number of posts related to science and technology. Recent Posts
  • Inspirational Quotes (1)
    Today I want to share with you some inspirational quotes that I collected over time and helped be to overcome and meditate on my life. Let’s keep this short to focus on the quotes. Every day and moment is a gift, either enjoy the present (pun intended) or ignore it! Anonymous He who knows a… Read more: Inspirational Quotes (1)